ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Practitioner Training

Science has proven the Theta Brainwave - the brainwave of creation - to be an amazing and effective way to heal the body and mind. If you search theta brainwaves, on the internet or youtube, you will find a massive amount of new information about how Theta brainwaves are the brainwaves of is the brainwave you are in when you are hypnotized. When in this brainwave pattern, you are able to access the subconscious mind where beliefs are held that direct your life. During this intensive weekend of instruction, you will learn to access the subconscious mind of yourself and others to enable healing for mind, body and spirit. ThetaHealing® can also be done via phone, internet or long-distance with intention as energy knows no time nor space. I have worked successfully on people as far away as Spain and Thailand. You will be certified as a practitioner and qualified to open your own energy healing practice after this class. I offer free coaching to students who may need assistance in setting up a practice. .

Physical Healing

When the body is in harmony healing takes place. When the body is at dis-ease it cannot heal itself. In this class I teach to enter the Theta brainwave and from there how to connect to Source, Creator Of All that Is, or your term for that power, such as God or Allah. You will learn to see inside the body and witness this power do the healing.

Emotional Healing

With every disease, there is an emotional component. If this emotional component is not identified and healed, physical illness takes place or returns. We see this often in those who have chronic disease or cancer. You will learn to help your client identify subconscious beliefs that cause illness and then you will energetically change the belief on four different levers of the subconscious mind

Spiritual Healing

There are many reasons that we may need spiritual healing. With the loss of a loved one and grief there may be unresolved issues that need to be addressed before healing can take place. When our own bodies get depleted of energy…continuing to push yourself when your body is telling you to stop…we easily pick up the energy of others. Negative energy directed at you from another. Read More

ThetaHealing® The Beginning!

The ThetaHealing® meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health. Vianna is an amazing woman and was a gifted healer and medium when she channeled this method to heal herself of a very serious disease. I learned directly from Vianna in 2003 and it changed my life. The story of ThetaHealing® is one you’ll want to hear more about.

Energy Healing Practitioner training begins here....

Certified in Holistic Health, Humanistic Psychology, as well as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, I am qualified to help you make healthy choices physically and emotionally. I treat: •Anxiety •Depression •Low Self Esteem •Stress •Addiction •Grief •Life Transitions •Physical Health •Chronic Illness and Cancer Energy Healing also works on Pets.

Register for classes here

Register for classes here

Theta Healing is a technique that can be used to heal the body and change the belief system to allow you or your client to create the life they choose. When you are stuck in any aspect of your life whether it be health, relationships or finances, it is usually because you carry a subconscious belief that is holding you back. With Theta Healing you will identify the belief, remove it from the subconscious mind and allow your body and emotions to heal. Click the image or title above for the registration page ...

Healing for our four legged friends

Healing for our four legged friends

Veterinary care for our animals can be often be similar to how people are treated. Animals may hold some negative energy due to bad experiences which they don't understand. Moving is especially traumatic for pets, or the death of a beloved caretaker. They need our help also on occasion and their consciousness can accept assistance as a human's does. Learning Basic ThetaHealing®­ will make you much more intuitive to animals and their needs. Using energy healing I have helped cats and dogs regain health and well-being.